Custom Work

Yes we do custom work.

We’ve developed many sims for colleges, businesses (both inside and outside of Second Life), authors, and private individuals wanting a lovely home or roleplay area.

I have a skilled team with many years experience (I’ve been developing sims since 2004).

Whether you need a good layout for the land, structures for your college or business, or a lovely nature area…. we are available to develop your project for Second Life.

Our specialty is nature environments for both ground and sky.

Please email or contact me in-world to see how we an make your dream a reality.


                                              GARDEN HOUSE  (one of our custom jobs)

Garden House Magazine Ad 1024

A structure spanning two sims, used for shops and a night club.


I have many custom sims that utilize the SL terrain and rez instantly.

Often I use these as templates to modify in order to fit the particular needs of your project. For example you might need an area to be larger for a club or larger house, or want a dance area instead of a home area on one part of the sim.

It’s a less expensive way to get an entire sim developed as part of the development is prefab.

Choose from:

  • Tropical
  • Fantasy
  • Traditional
  • Jungle
  • Mediterranean
  • Forest

Or any theme you can imagine.

Check out the sim design part of my store to see examples of some themes and styles if you need ideas: