Many lovely items available for Inworldz:


Sky Sim Combo Pack - Favorite Forests

Save with the combo pack of instant forests for the sky.

Add a new level to the sky for a friend,  a rental, or a private getaway.

Auto-flight to the sky and 1-click rez. Modify and copy.

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NEW ****   A Sim-sized Environment For The Sky —- PARADISE COVE

Paradise Cove Sky Sim Inworldz

A lovely environment that rezzes in the sky with one click.
Auto-flight to the sky on the Magic Transport Vehicle for easy rezzing.

Paradise Cove Sky Sim is an enchanting landscape with many features – it includes forest trees that form a canopy overhead, numerous forest plantings, a pathway that runs between two cottages (as well as a path along the turquoise cove), numerous waterfalls flowing into the cove, and plenty of niches within the forest.
Leaf Benches, rugs, and a deck rez all kind of accessories (weather, sound, fire elements, food/drink) as well as animations for singles, couples, and groups.
Two cottages rez with the environment – one is sculpted and the other is mesh.

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Autumn Pond SkyBox 512


Beautiful Forest Sky Sim

Blissful Forest Instant Garden Box


Green Forest TreeHome 1024 IW



Magical Forest Instant Garden With Cottage Inbiz 512

Magical Forest SkyBox IW 512

TreeWoman Pond SkyBox 700 by 525 IW

Japanese Garden SkyBox IW Ad

Blissful Forest SkyBox IW