We have skyboxes that take up the space of an entire sim, adding another level to your land.

Many have low land impact (LI) or prim count and so are perfect for a Homestead sim.

Most can be used on the ground as well.

We also have some nice half-sim environments too.

They rez with the touch of a button from a Transport Flower that flies to the height of your choice.

Take the Transport Flower to the sky at the following location to view them all:

Our Newest Skybox ‘Forest Lover’ for half sims

BlissWorlds Sky Sim Forest Lover (half sim)


‘Magic Land’ – FULL SIM SKYBOX (for ground too)

Sky Sim MagicLand



Sky Sim Beautiful Dark Forest MP 1


HAUNTING MOON – Full Sim SkyBox (for ground too)

Perfect for Gothic or Halloween, and comes in two versions (one with a small dark cottage house, and the other with a big haunted house that uses more prims/land impact).

BlissWorlds Haunting Moon Sky Sim With Haunted House