Regular Size

Regular sizes of skyboxes vary in size, from the tiny min-skyboxes up to 128×128 (a quarter sim).

If you need help to decide if a skybox fits on your parcel, feel free to message me.


Green Forest TreeHome Updated 2016

Green Forest TreeHomeĀ  is an enchantingly green environment with many features – a lush forest with forest plants and tall trees frames a treehouse filled with rustic log furniture that rezzes multiple animations and accessories. Climbable ladders (with animations) reach the treehouse and lower deck. Across from the treehouse is a an exciting waterfall with sound (click to adjust sound) flowing into a little pond where a Magic Deck and Magic LilyPad provide the perfect conversation niche to view the scenery from.

Green Forest TreeHome comes with a variety of rezzing accessories – a lilypad, a deck, rugs, and furniture rez accessories such as food, weather, sound, flames plus pose cushions with multiple animations for singles, couples, and groups.
** Special feature – pose cushions are rezzed only when needed and disappear when not in use (this reduces lag on yor land).
* All animations (no static poses are used).
** Food and drink is clickable and you can eat/drink (works for owner and any friends/guests).
** This skybox is part of my holodeck system which means you can add it to your Transport Flower and rez multiple purchased scens (you can also use it as a typical stand-alone skybox if preferred).